Eviction Defense Collaborative 2015 report   Design/ layout/ data visualization, 2016.
 In collaboration with the  Eviction Defense Collaborative , SF (EDC) and the  Anti-Eviction Mapping Project  (AEMP) team, I designed the EDC’s 2015 Annual Report and learned ways to collect, analyze, and visualize data about the demographics of evictions, foreclosures and displacement in San Francisco.    
 Using data from the EDC, the Sheriff’s Department, and the US census/ ACS, we visualized demographic shifts in race/ethnicity, AMI, age and disability for San Francisco eviction, foreclosure, Sheriff’s eviction and relocation data for years ranging from 2011-2015. From there, I worked with the team to translate those initial findings into infographics interspersed with personal narratives to design the 2015 report. 
  StoryMap interactive Relocation mapping    SF Chronicle writeup of Relocation project and EDC Report
  Eviction Defense Collaborative 2014 Report   Design/ layout/ data visualization. 2015.
 A collaboration with the  Anti-Eviction Mapping Project  and the  Eviction Defense Collaborative , SF.  Design/ layout/ data visualization. 2015.    
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